Day 8: Finally Getting a Chance to Breathe

Spring Break has consumed most of my thoughts for the past 3 months and now it’s over. Part of me wishes that I could keep organizing worksites, and the other half of me wants to curl up in my bed and sleep for a month. This week has challenged me in ways I never thought it would. I was somewhat prepared for the stress of placing 50 volunteers on worksites and everything that comes with that, but I was not prepared for the stress it would put on my relationships. There have been times this week when all I wanted to do was go and talk to someone I didn’t know very well, but I had to run around and do what seemed like a million different things. There were a few people that I really wanted to

Day 7: Interdependent Uh-Ohs

I generally start each CMT meeting by saying, “What were some of your highs, lows, and uh-ohs of this week?” It’s a great way to hear about each others’ weeks and center ourselves in community together before getting started on the tasks and agenda for that particular meeting. I normally have at least one uh-oh to share. My life seems to find ways to provide laughter for others and often leaves people saying, “Chelle, you’re a hot mess.” This week on our spring break trip I have had many uh-ohs. The most concentrated period of uh-ohs however, was today. I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, put on my overalls, and went downstairs for breakfast. I was in a happy mood, sad that it was my l

Day 6: What's Your Favorite Part of the Day?

One of my favorite questions to ask people is “What was your favorite part of the day?” It is a great question; it makes people focus on the positive points of their day. It’s very easy on trips with lots of people to get bogged down in drama and the problems and struggles of being in a small space together for long periods of time instead of focusing on what we are here to do and why we chose to take this journey. This morning, I found myself caught up in this cycle. I was frustrated with those around me and not excited for the day. I didn’t want to leave the site I had worked on for two days in the hands of my friends, no matter how capable they were. I found myself resenting my new projec

Day 5: Defying Expectations

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am Jonathan DeFreeuw, a junior in Computer Engineering. I have been a part of Wesley for a little over a year, and this is my first Spring Break mission trip, and I have to say, it has blown me away. It has defied my expectations in so many ways, which has been on my mine a lot recently. My previous mission experiences left me with a narrow vision of what it meant to be missional, and this week so far has broadened that mindset. So a little backstory. My experiences in the Church have occurred fairly recently in my life; in high school, I joined a Methodist church about 45 minutes from my house because of a friend, who went because of another friend. And as soon

Day 4: Challenges

yesterday evening during worship, bret posed a question during our time of reflection. it went something like this: what was something that challenged you today? while we talked, I spoke about how I felt challenged by the way that I didn't realize that the swamp that was next to the home we worked on wasn't there a year prior. people spoke about how the graciousness of the homeowners in purchasing food for lunch even though they didn't have much was challenging; others spoke of the vast levels of poverty that were visible throughout the day. his statement was something that really stuck with me throughout the evening and into today. challenges are something that we face all the time. whether

Day 3- A 'Restful' Spring Break

When college students think “spring break” they typically think of one of two things: the white beaches of Florida or binging on Netflix back home. Either way, there are no thoughts about school, exams, or projects. We all know we should be taking the time to get ahead or rather catch up but in reality we continue procrastinating until Sunday night. Another common trend is sleep and laying around doing nothing productive. We all know how important those days are especially when school seems to be non-stop. But sometimes rest can be found in other places. Rest for the mind can sometimes be found in physical exertion. By putting your mind’s sole focus on simple tasks done with your hands, you

Day 2- Thoughts on Community

Hello, My name is Brian Collins. I am a freshman at New River Community College, and I am active in the Wesley community. I should warn you this is not going to be a completely happy or joyous read. My story is filled with a lot of good times, but it has also been shaded by times of pain. I think we grow the most in those times of pain. Unlike most people I’ve met I feel more comfortable in the “darkness”. I think it’s more of a learned process than an instinctual one. Before I tell you my paraphrased story, I’d like to tell you a little bit about who I am, but much more importantly, where I came from. I grew up separated from my peers, due to physical health problems. I suffer from immune d

Day 1- Traveling to North Charleston

Community. The hour and a half we spent together this morning, the six plus hours in the car and meals with your buddy car, the evening playing fruitbasket and deciding where to sleep—it’s all transforming us into one cohesive community for this week of ministry. I LOVE community. I’m a relational person, an extrovert, and I love being with people, so community is what draws me into the Church and what kept me at Wesley. But no matter how much I love community, there’s no denying that it’s hard. Community can be tiring, disappointing, hard to break into, and difficult to maintain. Just recently, really in the past few months, I decided that BUMC Edges would be my new church home. Worship the

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