This Week in Wesley

Monday: Fun 143 (6-7:30 pm), Bible Study (7 pm) Tuesday: Wesley Singers Dinner (talk to Sara if you need info!), Faith Unshaken (8 pm) Wednesday: Senior Worship (7:30 pm), Senior Dessert (8:30 pm) Thursday: 209 Manna Ministries (4-6:30 pm), Fun 143 (6-7:30 pm) Saturday: Claytor Lake Camping (look below for more info) Sunday: Worship (11 am), End-of-year Picnic (1 pm) Senior Worship This week the seniors will be leading worship so come on out at 7:30 pm in the auditorium for our last Foundations service of the semester and send our seniors off with one last closing prayer. Plan to stay after for a bit to enjoy some dessert and fellowship (& a fun slideshow) with the seniors! 24 Hour

VT Relay... This is Hope

For the past couple of days, I was struggling with what I would write about this year's Relay. Would I share about my father’s year and a half long battle with liver cancer that ended in October of 2015, or would I talk about my personal experience walking in remembrance of Dad instead of in honor of him like I did last year? But instead I’d like to talk about when mission meets fellowship. When I was a freshman at Wesley, our involvement with Relay was very simple. Students would register if they wanted to participate and we would spend time enjoying the evening together. But in the past couple of years, I’ve witnessed that fellowship growing to include a mission aspect. Last year we raised

One Big Day. One Big Thanks

If you’ve ever been in Blacksburg during the summer (or any break from school really), you know the impact that Virginia Tech has on this town. It’s radically different when all of the students disperse to their respective homes. And then, when it’s time for classes to start back up, we flood in, a swarm of people taking this town back from the locals. And they put up with us – our antics, the traffic we bring, the fact that we jaywalk all the time and make Kroger really busy and don’t tip well at restaurants. 30,000 college students is a lot to take on, but they take us. This is why I love Big Event. For roughly 32 weeks out of the year, the locals welcome us, and make this town an awesome

This Week in Wesley

This Week in Wesley 4.4-4.10 Monday: Fun 143 (6-7:30 pm), Bible Study (7 pm) Tuesday: Wesley Singers Rehearsal (7 pm), Faith Unshaken (8 pm) Wednesday: Foundations Worship (7:30 pm) Thursday: 209 Manna Ministries (4-6:30 pm), Fun 143 (6-7:30 pm) Saturday: The Big Event Sunday: Sunday Morning Church, Family Dinner (5:30 pm) Relay for Life Relay is April 22- sign up at and search Virginia Tech, team name Wesley. Wesley Semi-Formal Our 4th annual semi-formal will be April 16 at 8 pm! Come out for food, dancing, photo booth, and spending time together in community!

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