Discernment - Changes are Coming...

Hey Everyone! As some of you may have heard, there are some changes coming to Wesley next year. Through conversations with the community, in discernment, and through prayer we have decided to go through with the idea of changing the structure of when the turnover of positions in Wesley will happen. In the past, Wesley has had Discernment team start in early February and go until late April talking about the things that Amanda and Rachel have talked about in the other blogs. Once CMT is discerned, they only have about two weeks to get their teams together for the next year because they have so little time before summer break. This puts a lot of pressure on the new CMT to rush things. This is

This Week in Wesley

This week in Wesley... Monday: Fun 143 from 6-7:30 pm, Bible Study @ 7pm Tuesday: Singers @ 7pm Wednesday: Foundations @ 7:30pm Thursday: 209 Manna Ministries from 4-6:30pm, Fun 143 from 6-7:30 pm Friday: Cox's sometime in the afternoon Sunday: Family Dinner @ 5:30 pm, Prayer Team (open to all) @ 6:15 pm Discernment If you have not already, please consider filling out a discernment sheet! Our discernment team prays over these and uses them to discern our leadership team and other teams for next year. If you don't have time to swing by the lobby to pick one up, you can turn it in online! This Friday we will take advantage of this nice weather as much as we can! You can choose to go to the bat

Discernment Update - Values Conversation

At the start of the semester when discernment interest sheets were being passed out, I brushed them off saying that I didn’t have enough time to make that commitment. However, I felt God tugging me towards this process even though I kept trying to ignore it. After a lot of prayer, I turned in my interest sheet and was blessed enough to be put on the discernment team. Before the process started, I had no idea what to expect and I had my doubts about the discernment process as a whole. After meeting with this awesome group of six other brothers and sisters in Christ each week, praying and talking about the future of our faith community, I have hope. I have hope in the future of Wesley that I d

This Week in Wesley

Here's a nice John Wesley quote to keep you going this week :) Also, here's a friendly reminder to fill out discernment sheets please!! Fill out online or in the lobby! This week in Wesley... Monday: Fun 143 from 6-7:30 pm, Bible Study @ 7pm Tuesday: Singers @ 7pm Wednesday: Foundations @ 7:30pm Thursday: 209 Manna Ministries from 4-6:30pm, No Fun 143 Friday: Karaoke Night @ 7 pm Saturday: Mission Day Sunday: Family Dinner @ 5:30 pm, Prayer Team (open to all) @ 6:15 pm This Friday at 7 pm come out to sing with us! RSVP here if you have a specific song in mind. Otherwise, there will be a list of popular songs provided for you. Do you miss Spring Break already or wish you could have gone? Get

Discernment - Why?

Greetings friends, I am sure that all of you have heard of a little something that Wesley does called “discernment.” Well that is why I am writing this! I want to better inform the people of Wesley about what our process is all about. Discernment actually looks like Emily, Chris, Kevin, Rachel, Jonathan, myself, and Bret’s dog sitting in Bret’s basement having a spirit-filled conversation. We go over the values, goals, and improvements that Wesley needs for the upcoming school year to better relationships with Christ and each other. This is very serious business. Everything we do is in the love of Christ, and we try to discern using this idea; not “choose” or “pick.” We have a very long and

What's Next? (Day 8)

It is the end of what felt like a very short week of mission in Tuskegee, AL. I know I am not alone when I say that my mind and body are exhausted. Early mornings and long days in the Alabama sun have taken their toll on me and the Wesley community, but I am glad to say that my spirit is renewed by the ways that God worked through this week. As I reflect on our week in Tuskegee, my mind lingers on a question posed Friday night. What’s next? When asked this question in small groups, our answers could not have been more different. One member had a detailed plan for what their calling in life was, and how they would use that calling to change the world. Another member had no idea. Others were l

Fruits of Our Labor (Day 6)

Happy. I spent my morning elated that the worksite I was headed to was coming to a conclusion. Finally, an opportunity to see the fruit of my labor, a chance to see the work that I had been a part of come to fruition. The car port was going to be finished, the bathroom would be tiled, siding would be assembled. I was ecstatic. For the first two hours, I spent my morning going strong, excited about the meatball subs that our homeowner, Mrs. Sharon, had made us, and most of all ready to see the result of a long week's work. I was ready. Crestfallen. At about eleven we got a call from Bret's site saying that they could really use more hands. Their site was behind schedule and they were really o

Just a Community Who is Nailing it!

A little background on me: My name is Brian Collins, those who are close, call me The Billy Goat. If one were to describe me it would be a hippie/mountain man who runs around barefoot, works with horses, sleeps in hammocks, climbs everything (hence Billy Goat), and avoids people whenever possible. I may also have a slight addiction to coffee and long curvy mountain roads, but we'll just pretend I don't. I also am diagnosed Bipolar I, for those of you who don't know what that means, it means I go through extreme mood changes. It also means I often am extremely depressed but still have more energy than the worst sugar-high you've ever seen times a thousand. It's not fun. Having the above infor

Backgrounded with Bigotry (Day 5)

"No child is born a racist." That was what Dr. Shirley Cherry (pictured) had written on a pin that she pinned to her chest. The first stop that my group made on our off day in Montgomery was to the Dexter House and to the adjacent house of MLK, where he lived from 1954-1960. Dr. Cherry manned the desk at the front of the Dexter House as another one of the other kind ladies there gave us a tour of the two houses. After about an hour of the tour, and about 30 minutes of wisdom from Dr. Sherry thereafter, we stopped for lunch and then headed for the Civil Rights Museum in downtown Montgomery. Upon entering the Civil Rights Museum, it all set in. My grandfather grew up in rural Bobo, Mississippi

What it Means to Serve Others (Day 4)

I am a person who always feels closest to God when serving others and doing mission work. That’s is why mission trips are probably some of my favorite times of the year and that I have gone on almost 20 in my life so far. Although I love mission trips so much I think sometimes I get in a routine of just doing the work and not really thinking about why I’m doing it. I focus on just getting away from my life at school and forget that I really need to take the time to focus on God and my relationships with the people on the trip with me. This week I have really been trying to pray for God to show me a plan for this trip and how it will stand out amongst others I’ve been on. Our first night here

Truss Me I'm a Civil Engineer (Day 3)

Anna Bosco (AB): Double the authors means double the trouble! And, double the Civil Engineers means quadruple the trouble! Jack Davis (JD): When we don't have our fancy calculators we can't add simple numbers together. So, what are we supposed to say? AB: What everybody expects of us, "I like to build sheds. I like fire." JD: "Jack. Senior. Civil. I love water. Let's go disc golfing." AB: So, how was your day? JD: My kryptonite plagued me for most of the day. It all started with poor geometry skills from 9th grade. This lead to struggling with dimensioning a stringer for a few hours. After measuring twice on our drawing, we cut the board and realized that it was six inches short. We di

Worshipping with New Church (Day 2)

Worship has become my comfort zone throughout my time at Wesley. Before I got to college, I attended a traditional service and didn’t have much experience planning regular worship, especially contemporary or alternative worship. But at school, I have had the opportunity to discover a passion for worship planning, experience, and aesthetics. I love paying attention to details no one ever notices unless they aren’t right- like if the candles are lit, or if the visuals are appropriate. But sometimes, I think that I get so caught up in those details during services that I plan and lead that I forget to actually worship. I spend all my time anticipating and solving problems before they occur and

Traveling with the Bomb Squad (Day 1)

My alarm was set for 7:25 a.m. but my body woke up at 7. I'm not going to say something cheesy like "I was just so excited for this drive that I couldn't sleep any longer." Really, I just think I woke up in a panic, freaking out that I forgot something (I did, don't worry.) Other than that, my day went perfectly. I picked up my three passengers flawlessly, got to Wesley on time, remembered the music I was supposed to bring on the trip, and we got on the road at a good time. Honestly, I'm a little surprised it went as well as it did. This past week, I've been seeing God's grace when I mess up. When I mess up my responsibilities or turn in work late or don't carry my weight in group projects,

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