We found God in used clothes!

Phew! What a long yet rewarding day. My assignment today involved working with the relational crew at the City Rescue Mission (CRM) and their thrift store. At this site, they collect donations from local people in the community and sell this to go towards the funds for their mission. Upon walking into the shop, I was amazed by the sheer size of this operation. Nobody in my team expected for this thrift store to be so massive. There we met Rick, the store manager. He gave us a general overview of the goals of this location and told us a little bit about himself. He had served and retired from the Navy. For the past six years, he has been working at this thrift shop with the hopes of s

Given yourself to others

Hello! My name is Charles Given, and I am a sophomore and first time Wesley Spring-breaker. When considering what I should do for spring break, it didn’t take long for me to decide to spend my week in warm, sunny Florida with the awesome folks from Wesley, taking time to be in ministry with others and doing the good work of God. We’ve worked hard this week on several construction sites and throughout the Jacksonville area in relational ministry. I have spent the past days fixing holes in roofs, building ramps, sanding drywall (and getting covered in dust), and admiring the very pregnant cat of one of our homeowners. I have had the awesome opportunity of getting to be in ministry with my frie

*Not a cheesy blog title

My name is Bobby Walker and I am a junior at Virginia Tech. This is my third spring break trip with Wesley. For me, the spring break trips give me a chance to be the hands and feet of God, as well as an opportunity to grow in my faith in a way I may not be able to in Blacksburg. Wesley has been an amazing community that I can lean on when times get tough and celebrate with when things are amazing. Today a group of us went to the City Rescue Mission. The ministry serves and houses the people of Jacksonville who have landed on hard times. This ministry does amazing things on their own. They operate on a $7 million budget that they create without government assistance, all while keeping focus o

You will be Glisson me when I'm gone

Happy Tuesday! My name is Leah Glisson and I am a freshman at Virginia Tech. I felt called to spend my spring break serving with Wesley because in the first semester and a half of college, Wesley has become more than a place that I go to learn about God and grow in my faith. It has become home and is the one place at Virginia Tech that I know that I can go and be supported, encouraged, and loved by so many special people. I felt God calling me to spend my spring break serving with Wesley and the past two work days have kicked the work week off to an awesome start. They have also been full of firsts for me, first time using a Miter saw, first time using a circular saw, installing laminate flo

Wesley Spring Break - The saga begins

Hi! I am Amanda Wagner and I am a sophomore studying Meteorology. I grew up in the church, so I have been going on mission trips ever since I was eleven years old. I have done an array of tasks in multitudes of places. I have been to New York City, Orlando, Jamaica, Atlanta, Tuskegee, Washington D.C., and more. I have squished rotten potatoes in my hands in ninety-degree heat, I have sat with the homeless on a cold park bench in December, I have played carnival games with intercity kids, and I have helped to rebuild floor joists. Each experience has been incredible and I would do each and every one again if I had the chance. Since I have may missions under my belt, I have a lot to compare th

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