Discernment...Wiii Sheets and Next Steps

We need your WIII Sheets! [Click Image to the Left to fill one out] As Discernment Team continues to review and discern our community as a whole, we will soon begin the process of lifting up names to be considered for leadership roles in our ministry areas for next year. This past week, we finished the process of designating the roles, responsibilities, and gifts we believe are required for each of our core ministry teams and leaders in the coming year. With this complete, we will now begin the process of considering individuals for core minister positions in our five ministry areas (Discipleship, Worship, Fellowship, Missions, Outreach), and for the position of student campus minister. How

Discernment...Roles, Responsibilities, and Gifts

In previous weeks the discernment team has been examining our values and evaluating each ministry area for what has has been successful and would could be improved in the upcoming year. This week we moved into the next phase, focusing on designating the roles/responsibilities and gifts required of the core ministry team and the student campus minister. We first considered our three values of love, grace, and spiritual growth for what would be the best approach to achieve Wesley’s goals. For the past couple years, the spotlight has been on spiritual growth and it has worked great. However, many seniors will be graduating next year which leaves Wesley much younger than normal. As a result, we

Discernment! What's Happening?!

Hey Wesley! This is Andy Lowe, I am writing to give you guys a recap of the first couple of discernment team meetings. In our first meeting we spent the time going over what it means to be on the discernment team. This time included talking about the history of discernment at Wesley, the tasks that need to be accomplished in our time together, and a general timeline about how discernment will go. The second and third meetings we spent using the cliff strengths finder test and our enneagrams to talk about each person’s strengths and weaknesses as a discernment team member. Following these team building discussions we spent a good portion of the fourth meeting discussing the mission of Wesley

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