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This Week in Wesley

Monday, September 22: Fun 143 - 6:00-7:30 Bible Study - 7:00 Tuesday, September 23: Singers - 7:15 Wednesday, September 24: Foundations worship service - 7:30 Thursday, September 25: Fun 143 - 6:00-7:30 Prayer Time - 8:30 Friday, September 26: Mystery fun event - will be announced Wednesday at worship!! Saturday, September 27: Game Day! Go Hokies! Sunday, September 28: Meet for rides to churches at Edges - 9:45 Fieldstone UMC - 10:00 BUMC Traditional & Contemporary - 10:45 Family Dinner - 5:30

This week for prayer time, our theme is music, so come out to sing and make music in a prayerful way! If you or anyone you know is musically gifted or just really enjoys singing about Jesus, join us! We want to surround the Chapel in music. Hope to see you allThursday at 8:30 pm!

Save the date for FALL RETREAT! It will be October 24-26 at Campt Dickenson. The cost is $30/person (talk to Bret if this is a problem!) and there will be people coming back early to do Color Me Rad, so you can totally do both!!

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