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This Week in Wesley

As the semester comes to an end, this is our last week of regularly scheduled activities! Monday, December 8: Fun 143 (6:00-7:30) Bible Study (7:00-8:00) Tuesday, December 9: Singers (7:15-8:15) Wednesday, December 10: Foundations (7:30-8:30) Thursday, December 11:

cracker barrel.jpg

Reading Day Cracker Barrel breakfast! Meet at Wesley at 8:15 (leaving at 8:30) to eat a good breakfast to fuel up for studying! Let Katelyn ( know if you can drive. Fun 143 (6:00-7:30)

Looking for a good place to study or a place to hang out and take a break? Wesley is always open! There will also be snacks in the lobby starting on reading day - so come help yourself!

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