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This Week In Wesley

Monday: Fun 143 - 6:00 Bible Study - 7:00 Tuesday: Singers - 7:00 Wednesday: Foundations - 7:30 Thursday: Fun 143 - 6:00 Friday: Cookie swap/Valentine's day party - 8:00 Sunday: Meet at Wesley for rides to churches at... Edges - 9:45 Fieldstone - 10:00 BUMC - 10:45 Family Dinner - 5:30


Do you love youth retreats? Luckily Wesley is leading the Richmond district youth retreat Feb 20-22 at Eagle Eyrie! Talk to Lauren if you want to help.


Spring Break deposits ($50) are due to Kelly Wiseman on FRIDAY! Please make sure to sign up & pay by then if you are planning to go!


Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that helped with the Roanoke district youth retreat this weekend! All that were small group leaders, involved in worship, helped with food, helped with stop hunger now and the amazing race, helped with clean up on Friday, and were around the building did an awesome job and it would have not been possible without you!

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