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This Week in Wesley

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Monday: Fun 143 - 6:00 Bible Study - 7:00 Tuesday: Bible Study - 2:00 Singers - 7:00 Wednesday: Foundations - 7:30 We will be doing a special version of the Last Supper a a play for Foundations this week - come check it out! Thursday: Fun 143 - 6:00 Maundy Thursday service at BUMC - 7:00 Friday: Good Friday service at the CLC - 7:00 Sunday: BUMC Sunrise service - 6:30am at the town gold course Edges - 10:00 Fieldstone - 10:30 BUMC Traditional & Contemporary - 11:00 NO FAMILY DINNER

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Wesley has teams for both Relay for Life (Wesley 1) and Big Event (VT Wesley)! Sign up to participate! For questions about Relay, see Jessica Dodson ( For questions about Big Event, see Tara Runyan (

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Wesley Weekend is coming soon! Invite your family to come see and hear what has been going on at Wesley this year! Look at the website for a detailed schedule for the weekend. There will be lots of food, fun, and fellowship time! The Matthew 25:35 concert will also take place at Wesley Weekend!


Wesley Formal is rapidly approaching! April 11 at 7:30, come to Wesley wearing whatever you want (fancy clothes, casual clothes, just wear clothes...) and spend the evening dancing, playing games, eating snacks, and hanging out! Check the facebook event to request songs!

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