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This Week In Wesley


Bible Study - 7:00


Bible Study - 2:00

209 Manna Ministries - 4:30

Singers - 7:00


Foundations - 7:30


209 Manna Ministries - 4:30


THE BIG EVENT - look at Tara's email for more details!

Wesley Formal - 7:30


Edges (Let Lauren know if you need a ride -!)

Fieldstone - 9:45

BUMC Traditional & Contemporary - 10:45

Clean up day - 12:45-3:30

Family Dinner - 5:30

Clean Up Day.png

This Sunday is clean up day! Come help us clean up Wesley and get ready for WESLEY WEEKEND on Sunday from 12:45 to 3:30! The more people that help, the quicker it will go (: While we're on the topic, don't forget to invite your family to Wesley Weekend (April 17-19) and RSVP to Kelly Wiseman! It's going to be a great and fun weekend. (:


It's time for Wesley Formal! Feel free to wear formal or semiformal clothes, or anything else you want to wear! There will be snacks, dancing, games, and tons of fun, so come hang out with us on Saturday at 7:30 if you like any of those things!

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