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Shopon hossin
Jul 17, 2022
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An additional problem that complicates the Country Email List situation is how to deal with violent actors who took advantage of the situation to cause unrest without, at the same time, creating the image, both within Cuban society and in the international environment, of excessive repression. against peaceful protesters. There are reports that Country Email List summary trials are taking place without adequate procedural guarantees. The sanctions imposed in these trials range from ten months to one year. Many of those convicted do not appear to have committed violent acts. Continuing down this path will further alienate those sectors still identified Country Email List with the Revolution, but who oppose excessive repression. There is an evident erosion of the Country Email List persuasive capacity of the argument that everything is due to the blockade, beyond the fact that this is a verifiable truth. Abusing that argument without self-critically focusing on one's own mistakes leads the government to an even greater loss of credibility. The authorities must try to overcome two Country Email List important political-ideological obstacles: the first is that the old narrow mentality of socialism still prevails in the bureaucracy as a statist model based on centralized planning, which minimizes the Country Email List role of the market in the allocation of resources; the second stems from conceptions that define socialism in authoritarian terms, This trend lashes out at anyone who dissents, often foisting epithets on them such as "centrist", which they try to turn into a synonym for counterrevolutionary. As for the communication strategy, it must find the right balance to add and recover support, and avoid losing it even more. Within Cuban society, the experience of having debated and approved a new Constitution that contains important elements of respect for due process is not a minor fact. Among the citizens there is a higher level of demand in compliance with the law to which the police authorities are obliged.
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Shopon hossin

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