Roanoke District Youth Weekend


Seeing the World Clearly Through God's Eyes

Registration is below for the upcoming Roanoke District Wesley Weekend Youth Retreat February 28 - March 1, 2020. 

Our theme this year is "2020 Vision: Seeing the World Clearly Through God's Eyes"


Leadership provided by the wonderful VT Wesley students. 


Register below by February 21st


The link can also be found on the district website:

Cost is $20 per person.

Information about the weekend:


Registration begins at the Wesley center at 7pm on Friday night. The students of Wesley will lead us over the weekend in activities, worship and mission. This is not a "Large" feel weekend, but an alternate intimate "Methodist" feeling weekend focused on our connection as a district and as brothers and sisters in Christ. 


What will your group get:
1. An awesome weekend! No we will not have a big band or speaker, but we will have some awesome college young people who will invest in our youth and love on our youth and share the good news of Jesus with them!
2. Food - It is a cheap weekend, so plan accordingly if you have anyone with special dietary needs. We will provide ice cream Friday night, pizza for lunch Saturday, subs for dinner Saturday. And a continental style breakfast Saturday ad Sunday morning.
3. A T-shirt! We are going to order a bunch of sizes. We cannot guarantee you will get the sizes you want - because we just don't know who will show up. But hey - a free t-shirt is a free t-shirt! Be sure to send us sizes if you know ahead of time. 
4. Fellowship - we get to hang out with each other! And we all are some pretty awesome people - you know this right? We are all made in the image of God! Sometimes we just need that reminder!
5. Some great photo opportunities!
6. Your students will meet some new people. We will set them up in small groups. This is a little chaotic at first as we separate them, but it is only temporary. 
7. Some great moments with your students! Trust me - God will set you up with some great moments!
8. Some awesome free time with your students on Saturday at Alta Mons.

Where will we sleep?
We are staying at Alta Mons this year. All facilities are heated! Most everyone should have a bed, but some people could end up on the floor or couches. We will let you know before you come if you need to bring any air mattresses. The beds are bunk beds and you will need sheets or sleeping bag. Groups may share the same house depending on group sizes.  


Can I change my numbers later?
Yes! We get it! Youth ministry is herding cats! Just email your changes to Tim Craft at



What is there to do during the free time on Saturday morning and early afternoon?
1. Hike (supervise your group)
2. Play - there is like a million acres to play on
3. Meditate or whatever you would like to do
4. Contact Alta Mons and schedule a high or lows ropes course for your group (this is an extra cost). Make your own arrangements. 


Cell Phones?
Alta Mons is in a remote valley and there is no cell coverage. For emergencies please direct parents/guardians to use the Alta Mons land line at 540-268-2409.

What are groups responsible for?
1. Registering below and making sure we have updates on names and genders so we can plan accordingly. 
2. Safe Sanctuaries - It is up to your church to make sure you have enough adults and follow safe sanctuaries.
3. Your church is responsible for your own permission/medical forms - think of it this way...this is your own church retreat that you just happen to be sharing with other church groups but you don't have to plan it!
3. Transportation. We understand Alta Mons is a bit further that we we have stayed in the past, but Alta Mons is AMAZING!!
4. Watch and supervise your group. 



6:00 - 7:00 - Registration (Ice Cream Social)

7:30 - 9:00 - Worship

9:15 - 10:15 - Small Groups

10:30 - Go to Camp Alta Mons

11:30 - Lights Out



8:15 - Breakfast (Continental) at Camp Alta Mons

9:00 - 12:00 - Free Time at Camp Alta Mons

12:00 - Lunch (Pizza at Camp Alta Mons)

12:45 - Leave for Wesley

1:30 - Worship at Wesley

3:00 - Small Groups

4:00 - Free Time at Virginia Tech

5:30 - Dinner

7:00 - Worship

8:45 - Small Groups

10:15 - Go to Camp Alta Mons

10:30 - Youth Group Time

11:30 - Lights Out



8:45 - Breakfast at Alta Mons

9:15 - Clean Up and Pack Up

10:30 - Group Picture 

11:00 - Worship @ Crocket Springs UMC


@ Camp Alta Mons

  • Hike (supervise your group)

  • Play - there is like a million acres to play on

  • Meditate or whatever you would like to do

  • Contact Alta Mons and schedule a high or lows ropes course for your group (this is an extra cost). Make your own arrangements. 

@ Virginia Tech

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt around VT Campus 

    • Wesley will be providing this for your group!

  • Frank's Cinebowl

  • Xtreme Springz Trampoline Park

  • NRV Superbowl

  • Climbing Gym

  • Plenty of Hiking Opportunities

  • Escape Room

    • “Puzzlr is a creative puzzle company. Our team built Puzzlr from scratch coming together and building the best puzzle and escape rooms around. Our rooms are filled with interactive puzzles, riddles, and clues that your group must find to escape the room or complete the objective. Book a room to engage in a fun group activity with your family, friends, and co-workers.”

    • 700 North Main St (Suite G) Blacksburg, Virginia 24060


  • Disc Golf

    • A course at the CRC and in Christiansburg (ask for more details)

  • Movie at Wesley in the Auditorium

    • Popcorn provided!

    • Movie TBD

  • Volleyball at Wesley (Weather permitting)

    • Ball provided!!  

Don't Forget!!
  1. A Bible!

  2. Sleeping Bags

  3. Air Mattresses

  4. Toiletries

  5. Towels (if you shower!)

  6. Games to play at Fieldstone UMC

  7. An open and loving Spirit! 

  8. Snacks for your group

  9. A willingness to grow and learn together!

Worship and Small Groups

Games and Lip Sync Battles at the start of each worship!
Each church will have either a Lip Sync Battle or a Game to participate in throughout the weekend.  The lip sync battles will be sent to the churches by Tuesday of the week of the Retreat.  You can choose from a list of songs provided.  Make it fun and entertaining!! 

The games will be easy and appropriate!  We will call for churches and get several youth to come up and do the game.  

Students from Wesley will be giving testimonies throughout each service.
Some of these might bring up questions and issues with your youth.  We ask that you have time within your youth group each night and after to process and share.  Don't isn't anything that they are not prepared to discuss/handle. 

Students from Wesley will lead the small groups.
Our students will be coached on small group leading and have fun games and also some good discussion.  Youth leaders will meet with Bret during the first small group time for some Q&A.  Small groups will be broken down by Middle School and High School with a good mixture from different churches.  Please help us keep it this way.