This Week in Wesley

The second week of classes means our first week following the regular Wesley schedule. Here are all the fun things you can be a part of!

Communities of Grace (COGs) are starting this week! If you haven't signed up for one, you're not too late. The times for this year are listed here and you can email Emily ( to sign up. If you're interested in an intergenerational small group experence, check out BUMC home groups! There's an interest session at 7 pm at the CLC on Tuesday night.

209 Manna Ministries is looking for volunteers for Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00-6:30 pm! Email Kelly at and she'll give you more info.

RE3 is an intercollegiate conference that we are planning with some other schools in VA- there's a promo video & a website ( where you can sign up! We will carpool to SU together and stay at a local church so your only cost will be the $10 registration fee!

This Week's Schedule:

Monday: Fun 143 starts (6-7:30 pm) Bible Study (7 pm) Tuesday: First Wesley Singers rehearsal of the year- Wesley's non-audition choir (7 pm) Wednesday: Best of Blacksburg- meet up to go to dinner before worship together (5:30 pm) Foundations Worship service (7:30 pm) 209 Manna Ministries (4-6:30 pm)

Thursday: 209 Manna Ministries (4-6:30 pm) Fun 143 (6-7:30 pm) Friday: Gobblerfest (4-8 pm) Sunday: Morning Church (see below) & Free Family Dinner (5:30 pm)

If you want to know more about any one of our areas of ministry, feel free to ask your CMT leaders!

Michelle ( Student Campus Minister Olivia ( Outreach Minister Emily ( Discipleship Minister Cody ( Fellowship Minister Luke ( Worship Minister Lizzie ( Mission Minister

Jack and Anna want you to play sports!

Shirts are on sale now through September 13th and are $10 each. For more information, check out the Wesley Intramural Sports Facebook Page. Soccer is our first sport. Possible practice games on Tuesday and Wednesday- more info coming soon!

Sunday Morning Church:

Blacksburg UMC Traditional & Contemporary service meets at 11:00 am at 111 Church Street. Meet up at Wesley at 10:45 am to walk over together. Bret will be preaching this Sunday at the traditional service!

BUMC edges meets at 10 am. Email Michelle ( if you want a ride. We'll meet at Wesley at 9:40 to head over to the CLC.

Fieldstone UMC meets at 10:30 am and will provide rides at 10. No need to respond, just show up!

Fun 143 is our tutoring program with Blacksburg UMC. We tutor middle and high school students and have a lot of fun! Talk to Elizabeth ( for more info or to sign-up!

The building is open for you during the day to come study and hang out! Stop by anytime!

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