This Week in Wesley

First Week of Advent Schedule

Monday: Workshop About Human Trafficking (7 pm) Tuesday: Wesley Singers Rehearsal (7:15 pm), Faith Unshaken Rehearsal (8:15 pm) Wednesday: Foundations Advent Worship (7:30 pm) Thursday: 209 Manna Ministries (4-6:30 pm), Decorating Wesley (7 pm) Friday: Blacksburg Parade & White Elephant Gift Exchange Sunday: Morning Church, Family Dinner (5:30 pm), Prayer Team (6:30 pm)

Come hear about what we can do to stop human trafficking as a church Monday at 7 pm. Hear a victim's story and learn about the casues and forms of human trafficking in the modern day. This isn't a distant problem plaguing other countries. This is happening here in the United States where the Commercial Sex Trade is in business.

Our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange will be this Friday night following the Blacksburg Christmas parade. Be on the lookout for an email with more details! We will also be decorating Wesley with some holiday cheer thisThursday night at 7 pm!

Sports this week: Battleship playoffs!

Women's Monday at 9:30 pm Corec Wednesday at 10:30 pm

We will be on campus next Monday and Tuesday doing "wishbox outreach," allowing people to wish their stress away by writing down their prayers for finals week. This has been a huge hit from students on campus in the past so we hope you'll clear some time on your schedule to come help out! Talk to Olivia ( if you are interested or want more information :)

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