Day 1- Traveling to North Charleston

Community. The hour and a half we spent together this morning, the six plus hours in the car and meals with your buddy car, the evening playing fruitbasket and deciding where to sleep—it’s all transforming us into one cohesive community for this week of ministry. I LOVE community. I’m a relational person, an extrovert, and I love being with people, so community is what draws me into the Church and what kept me at Wesley. But no matter how much I love community, there’s no denying that it’s hard.

Community can be tiring, disappointing, hard to break into, and difficult to maintain.

Just recently, really in the past few months, I decided that BUMC Edges would be my new church home. Worship there is beautiful, the sermons speak truth into my life and my friends are there, so it’s the perfect fit for this season in my life. However, since I named my desire to be a real part of the Edges community, I felt convicted to do more. I felt like I could no longer just show up five minutes before worship, sit in my seat next to my friends and leave fifteen minutes after worship. So I decided to volunteer with the Sunday school ministry at Edges. Suddenly I was putting names to faces I’ve seen for almost a year, and I realized how apart of this community I had been. It was awkward, it still is, to break into this community even though it welcomes me with open arms.

But when you do break through, community is comfortable. Wesley is comfortable. Driving to a state I love with three friends in the car talking and singing, following my future roommate and three other friends? That is comfortable, that makes me happy.

I don’t know what this next week will hold for me and this wonderful group of 50ish students and adults, but I do know that it’ll have a lot of community in it.

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