Day 3- A 'Restful' Spring Break

When college students think “spring break” they typically think of one of two things: the white beaches of Florida or binging on Netflix back home. Either way, there are no thoughts about school, exams, or projects. We all know we should be taking the time to get ahead or rather catch up but in reality we continue procrastinating until Sunday night. Another common trend is sleep and laying around doing nothing productive. We all know how important those days are especially when school seems to be non-stop. But sometimes rest can be found in other places. Rest for the mind can sometimes be found in physical exertion. By putting your mind’s sole focus on simple tasks done with your hands, you find yourself able to rest your mind.

When people tell me I’m crazy for not taking a “break” over spring break, I remind them of this. Students at Wesley choose to take time over break to go and be in mission with others through construction. Sure this can be exhausting at times but it still gives us mental rest from the stress of classes. We find ourselves in a new environment in a different state entirely immersed in the jobs to be done. It feels like school and the worries that come with it are a thousand miles away, they almost are sometimes. Taking this trip gives me the chance to take a break while not becoming entirely useless. On the contrary we are able to humble ourselves to our problems and are given the chance to help those in need after disaster. Sometimes college can be a world to itself and we forget that life exists beyond Blacksburg. This trip gives us a chance to step out of our little “Hokie Nation” to remind ourselves of life for other people.

The jobs we take on tend to be fairly mindless. Today, I sat on a roof and took shingles and felt paper off. This job takes no skill and very little strength. Personally, I love roofing because the tangible progress is seen so fast. In just one day, we were able to walk away feeling accomplished at tearing off the entire roof. I am sure tomorrow will see loads of progress as well. Many times, this is more rewarding than any of the school work I try to accomplish. Which unfortunately gives less tangible results. Even after a week of physical labor and lost sleep, I still will find myself rested and satisfied with my time away from school.

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