Day 8: Finally Getting a Chance to Breathe

Spring Break has consumed most of my thoughts for the past 3 months and now it’s over. Part of me wishes that I could keep organizing worksites, and the other half of me wants to curl up in my bed and sleep for a month. This week has challenged me in ways I never thought it would. I was somewhat prepared for the stress of placing 50 volunteers on worksites and everything that comes with that, but I was not prepared for the stress it would put on my relationships.

There have been times this week when all I wanted to do was go and talk to someone I didn’t know very well, but I had to run around and do what seemed like a million different things. There were a few people that I really wanted to get to know better this week and I just couldn’t seem to find the time. Today in the car really changed how I viewed the trip. Kevin, Cassie, Ashley, and I talked for almost 5 of the 6 hours of the car ride home today. I was finally able to get that connection that I been yearning for throughout the entire trip. I learned so many random facts about these people that made me feel like we had been friends for years. We told stories about almost everything including Kevin backing into his garage door on his first day of Driver’s Ed. I finally felt like I built a relationship that would last more than a few months.

I was able to finally take a breathe and not have to worry about who needed what address, who was going to be late to dinner, or what songs to pick for worship. The other part of today that was truly amazing was hearing everyone talk about the friendships they made and how they can’t wait to see everyone around Wesley. It kind of felt like the last day of summer camp when you are saying goodbye until next summer, but luckily we get to see each other much more often. I can’t wait to see more relationships forming in our community in the coming weeks and months. I’m excited to get to share our stories with those in our community who weren’t able to come.

Just before we pulled out of the parking lot this morning we prayer together as a group. One of the best things I heard during our popcorn prayer was, “Lord I thank you for this community that I have made this week…” Hearing that it what makes everything worth it. Being able to change someone’s life by planning a trip is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. I absolutely love being able to be a small part in the faith journey of students in Wesley; and who knows, maybe next year we will have 60 students!

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