VT Relay... This is Hope

For the past couple of days, I was struggling with what I would write about this year's Relay. Would I share about my father’s year and a half long battle with liver cancer that ended in October of 2015, or would I talk about my personal experience walking in remembrance of Dad instead of in honor of him like I did last year?

But instead I’d like to talk about when mission meets fellowship.

When I was a freshman at Wesley, our involvement with Relay was very simple. Students would register if they wanted to participate and we would spend time enjoying the evening together. But in the past couple of years, I’ve witnessed that fellowship growing to include a mission aspect. Last year we raised just under $4,000 and this year we raised $5,310. More and more students are fundraising on their own and Relay is becoming less and less of an afterthought at Wesley.

Speaking for myself, this year’s Relay was a pretty incredible experience. Over thirty people from the Wesley community gathered on the drillfield for nine hours. In that time we laughed, danced, walked, sang, played Frisbee and threw around a football, and supported each other. It was amazing to be a part of and reminded me of why I love this crazy group of people.

I could not be happier to see this community taking advantage of every opportunity to serve and I’m excited to see how much more this team will do in the coming years to fight for more birthdays and to work towards the cure.

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