This Week in Wesley

Fall Retreat is a great way to get to know each other better and connect with God up at the beautiful Camp Dickenson. Mark your calenders for October 7-9! The cost is $25 and you can sign up here.

This Week in Wesley:

Monday- Fun 143 from 4-6:30 pm, Bible Study @ 7pm

Tuesday- Singers @ 7pm

Wednesday- Best of Blacksburg @ 5:30pm to Chinese Kitchen, Worship @ 7:30pm, Men's soccer @ 10:30pm

Thursday- Fun 143 from 4-6:30pm, CoRec Soccer @ 8:30pm

Friday- Dancing at Floyd Country Store- meet at Wesley @ 6:00pm

Sunday- Family Dinner @ 5:30pm, Prayer Team (open to everyone) @ 6:15pm

Best of Blacksburg:

For our final week of the best of Blacksburg, we will eat the best chinese food at Chinese Kitchen. As always, meet at Wesley at 5:30pm Wednesday to walk over together!

Intramurals this week:

Interested in playing soccer? There is a men's game Wednesday at 10:30pm and a corec game Thursday at 8:30pm. Meet at Wesley 30 minutes before the game to catch a ride!

Fellowship this Friday:

We're taking a trip to the Floyd Country Store this Friday- meet at Wesley at 6pm for a ride over. This store clears out every Friday for a night of folk music and flat-footin'- you have got to check this out!

Keep in mind...

1. Communities of Grace are up and rolling but it is never too late to join! Contact Olivia White ( if you would like more info or sign up here.

2. Wesley runs the food pantry on Thursdays from 4-6:30pm and we are always looking for volunteers. Contact our volunteer coordinator Brian Collins ( or sign up here.

3. The Next Conference is coming up in November (the 4th-6th) which is a UMC conference in Atlanta, Ga. Sign up at or come find Bret or Emily for more details!

Sunday Morning Worship:

Blacksburg UMC Traditional (11am)

Blacksburg UMC Intersections (11am)

Blacksburg UMC edges (10am) - contact Preston ( for a ride!

Fieldstone UMC (10:30am) - contact Anna ( for a ride!

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