Truss Me I'm a Civil Engineer (Day 3)

Anna Bosco (AB): Double the authors means double the trouble! And, double the Civil Engineers means quadruple the trouble!

Jack Davis (JD): When we don't have our fancy calculators we can't add simple numbers together. So, what are we supposed to say?

AB: What everybody expects of us, "I like to build sheds. I like fire."

JD: "Jack. Senior. Civil. I love water. Let's go disc golfing."

AB: So, how was your day?

JD: My kryptonite plagued me for most of the day. It all started with poor geometry skills from 9th grade. This lead to struggling with dimensioning a stringer for a few hours. After measuring twice on our drawing, we cut the board and realized that it was six inches short. We didn't measure the height our stringer needed to rise twice...

AB: Ouch! That really sucks, can we just blame this on middle school?

JD: Well, I never thought this would follow me the rest of my life but it has. From struggling with statics and deforms because of geometry. I thought I was finally done after those classes and today happened.

AB: For once when teachers said this will build a foundation and you will need this for the rest of your life... They were right!

JD: How was your job site today?

AB : Awesome as a possum! We are repairing the floor and the ceiling in the bathroom, fixing a carport, and working on siding. Today we took down the car port, and figured out how to make 12' boards span 12'9".

JD: That sounds like an awesome time!

AB: Did you have any God sightings this trips so far?

JD: I have had a few God sightings this trip. First, my car's power steering went out.

AB: The noises were scary.

JD: Yes, they were. Luckily, our contractor Cory Lutz had met up with me and my buddy car. Fortunately, Bret had a made a wrong turn so that Cory could catch up with us. I had to limp my car to Firestone. I was thinking repairs could be costly. I got a call from Firestone Sunday morning while warming up with Wesley Singers for our service. To my surprise, only a hose was loose causing all of my power steering fluid to leak out.

AB: That awesome! Time to start singing, "I saw God today."

JB: Maybe if Ms. Leigh Anne (L-Dawg) was singing it. Another sighting was a random car pulling into the parking lot of Tuskegee First UMC where we are staying. We were playing can jam when they pulled up. They asked why they always saw large groups staying here. I responded with an explanation of what Alabama Rural Ministry is and that we are a campus ministry from Virginia Tech. They seemed surprised when I said that we were working during our spring break and not getting paid to do this. Hopefully this small insight into this ministry could give an opportunity for them to serve their community.

AB: Wow Jack! You never talk to random people, I'm proud of you. We have seen strange things today. God really is at work with us this trip.

JD: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?

AB: I'm looking forward to working with my team on our project. And, getting to use some fun Theory of Structures to design this carport. I'm also looking forward to becoming pen pals with our homeowner. She is at work during the day, so we are going to leave her letters with questions - I can't wait for her first response tomorrow. As always, shout out to disc golf on free day.

JD: I'm glad you are using your Civil Engineering education for a positive contribution to the community. I'm looking forward to going disc golfing too!

That's all folks!

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