What it Means to Serve Others (Day 4)

I am a person who always feels closest to God when serving others and doing mission work. That’s is why mission trips are probably some of my favorite times of the year and that I have gone on almost 20 in my life so far. Although I love mission trips so much I think sometimes I get in a routine of just doing the work and not really thinking about why I’m doing it. I focus on just getting away from my life at school and forget that I really need to take the time to focus on God and my relationships with the people on the trip with me. This week I have really been trying to pray for God to show me a plan for this trip and how it will stand out amongst others I’ve been on.

Our first night here in Alabama we had a workshop on what our definition of poverty is. This is something I haven’t really put a lot of thought into before, and didn’t realize there are many different ways of being in poverty that don’t necessarily revolve around money. Relationships are such a vital part of life, and many people go into poverty because they don’t have people around them that get out of their hole. I think this is a really important lesson to learn as someone about to graduate and going out into the ‘real world’. It is so important to keep relationships going with those you care about in case they are ever in need.

This trip is also very important to me because mission trips are not only where I feel closest to God, but also closest with friends. This is my last trip as a student with Wesley, and it has made me reflect on how the trips have made me feel like such a part of the community and have given me the best of friends. Each trip I have taken with Wesley in my four years has been in a different geographic region and held a different place in my heart and I can’t wait for the rest of the memories the trip will bring.

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