Discernment Update - Values Conversation

At the start of the semester when discernment interest sheets were being passed out, I brushed them off saying that I didn’t have enough time to make that commitment. However, I felt God tugging me towards this process even though I kept trying to ignore it. After a lot of prayer, I turned in my interest sheet and was blessed enough to be put on the discernment team. Before the process started, I had no idea what to expect and I had my doubts about the discernment process as a whole.

After meeting with this awesome group of six other brothers and sisters in Christ each week, praying and talking about the future of our faith community, I have hope. I have hope in the future of Wesley that I didn’t have before. I have hope that this community will continue to grow and strive to be more like Christ.

When we first began the process, we discussed what worked this past year in Wesley and what didn’t work. Based on the ministries and events we do, we looked at what the existing values of the community are and what the values of the community need to be, or preferred values. These preferred values are so essential because they will guide us in what our ministry needs to do in order to get to those values. Here are the preferred values that we saw a need for based on our experiences and talking to you, the community: (I have broken them down into categories for ease)


Pursuing intentional and genuine relationships

No complacency

Spiritual Growth

Provide/Facilitate opportunities for deeper relationship with Christ

Have a desire for challenging and nurturing spirituality of our community

Being Christ-like in all that we do


A community that builds each other up

A space of openness

Every time we meet as a discernment team, we look to these preferred values for each discussion and plan for ministry to ensure that everything we do ties into these values. These values are very close to my heart because I want Wesley to be everything that God has planned for it. Wesley has been a community that has allowed me to ask questions, to grow in faith, and to build relationships. But sometimes I think we just get so comfortable, staying in our building and staying within our friend groups that make us comfortable. But Christ calls us to go outside of our comfort zone and to walk on the waters with Him. That is my prayer for myself and for this community.

Thank you for reading this blog and for being an awesome community. Don’t forget that myself and the rest of the discernment team is always open to talking with you and open to your ideas. Feel free to reach out to us whenever! If you would join us in prayer during this discernment process, we would appreciate it. Please pray that God would continue to reveal God’s will for this awesome ministry and that we would seek our Creator’s wisdom and not our own. Pray for the future leadership team and pray for the continued presence we will have on campus.

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