This Week in Wesley


The time has finally come for us to pull out our dancing shoes and shake off the homework blues! Prepare yourself for the best one yet in ....Lane Stadium!!

Dress to the 9's or if you feel more comfortable in semi-formal clothing, that is good too! The fun begins at 7 pm so don't forget to tell your friends!

This week in Wesley...

Monday: Fun 143 from 6-7:30 pm, Bible Study @ 7pm

Tuesday: Singers @ 7pm

Wednesday: Foundations Worship @ 7:30pm

Thursday: 209 Manna Ministries from 4-6:30pm, Fun 143 from 6-7:30 pm

Saturday: Big Event, Wesley Formal @ 7 pm

Sunday: Family Dinner @ 5:30 pm, Prayer Team (open to all) @ 6:15 pm

Don't forget to show up for Big Event if you signed up! There will be more info coming out soon on meeting times!

April is a busy month so you may want go ahead and mark your calendars!

April 15: 3.2 for 32

April 21-23: Wesley Weekend

(remind your parents to sign up for Relay for Life

Lunch will be free for students on Saturday

Stick around for the Matthew 25:35 concert after the Spring Game)

April 30: Wesley Picnic

Want to be the next Wesley Homecoming Candidate?

We will support you!! Contact Rileigh Huntzinger ( within the week to get more info!

Communities of Grace:

If you've been considering ways to get involved at Wesley, grow in your faith, and grow deeper relationships with the people of the community, joining a community of grace may be the perfect fit for you! It is never too late to join!

Sunday at 7pm

Monday at 8pm

Tuesday at 7pm

Tuesday at 8pm

Thursday at 5:05pm

LGBTQ cog (contact Alexis Gillmore- for more info!)

Contact our discipleship minister, Olivia White ( if you have any questions!

How can I get more involved??

209 Manna Ministries Food Pantry

Wesley runs the pantry on Thursday from 4-6:30pm and we are always looking for volunteers! If you are interested, you can sign up here or contact Brian Collins ( for more info!

Fun 143

Fun 143 is Mission led by Wesley where we have the opportunity to work with the Middle and High School children who live at the local trailer park, Blacksburg Estates. We meet twice a week providing the kids with dinner, homework help, and resources such as school supplies and laptops. If you are at all interested, contact Lizzie Fletcher (

Wesley Intramurals

Monday: Corec Softball at 9:30 pm, Field 4

Thursday: Men's Softball at 8:30 pm, Field 1

Friday: Men's Ultimate at 7:30 pm, Field 4

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