Discernment Update

Over the past several weeks, the Discernment Team has entered into deep discussions about the “context” of Wesley. The question we sought to answer is this: “Where are we at, really?” In order to do this, we went through each ministry area (Discipleship, Fellowship, Mission, Outreach, and Worship) and considered what worked and what didn’t work within each ministry in the last year. This allowed us the opportunity to acknowledge the successes, re-evaluate the things that were not so successful, and incorporate the opinions and views of the Wesley community about what they observed worked and didn’t work.

Once we finished these discussions, we finally had outlined our vision (what we want Wesley to be) and context (where Wesley is right now), but how are we going to get Wesley from what it is now to what we want it to be? We can do this through discerning the leadership that are set apart to carry out Wesley’s vision! Right now we are in the process of listing the roles and responsibilities of each ministry leader and their teams. These lists include every responsibility that the ministry team is expected to fulfill, including some that are especially non-negotiable, known as “stars.” For example, some of the stars for the Outreach Team are social media, connecting with new students through coffee/lunch, and advertising. The Outreach ministry leader will then choose the star he or she wants to be responsible for, then delegate to the rest of the team who will take on the other stars. This ensures that all the non-negotiable responsibilities are being carried out.

We will most likely finish discussing the roles and responsibilities of the ministry areas in the next meeting, then we will move on to uplifting names to be discerned for leadership positions! With that being said, if you haven’t filled out the Wesley Information, Involvement, and Interest Sheet (Wiii Sheet) yet, please do so as soon as possible! If you are even slightly interested in getting involved in a ministry area at Wesley, filling out the Wiii Sheet would be a great start. You can fill it out online at http://www.vtwesley.com/discernment or fill out a physical copy found in the Wesley lobby. If you have any questions, find anyone on the Discernment Team (Alexis, Carson, Chris, Sam, and me) or Bret!

I want to close with a final thought from God’s Word:

“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received,” 1 Peter 4:10.

Cassie Ellis

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