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Things You Should Do Right Now Fill out a WIII sheet: Discernment Team uses the Wesley Involvement, Information, and Interest sheet to learn how you're interested in participating in Wesley next year. Everyone should fill it out, not only those who think they're called to leadership or know what they would like to do. Fill on out HERE!

Sign up for the Fusion Retreat at Eagle Eyrie from 2/23-2/24. We will be leading worship and small groups for youth from the Lynchburg, Farmville and Danville districts. You get a free mountaintop weekend vacation with lodging and meals to sweeten the deal! Sign up here!

Sign up for our Spring Break Trip! We'll be driving to Jacksonville Florida to work in disaster repair and interpersonal mission. The trip is $110! sign up on the website or in the lobby and make sure to fill out your forms!

Monday: Prayer Circle 1:30-1:45pm

Fun 143 6:00-7:30

Tuesday: Singers 7:00pm

Band Practice 8:00pm

Wednesday: Prayer Circle 6:45-7:00pm

Foundations Worship 7:30pm

Thursday: Prayer Circle 1:30-1:45pm

209 Manna Ministries 4:00-6:30pm

FUN 143 6:00-7:30pm

Friday: Bible Study 4:30pm

Saturday: Ecclesia 3-5pm

Sunday: Worship @ local churches

Superbowl Chili Cook-Off 6:00

Discipleship Opportunities

Communities of Grace - There are a few new meeting times for our small groups this semester! To join fill out this form on the website, or stop by for a paper one.

Bible Study - If you're interested in learning on your own check out Seedbed Seven Minute Seminary. Our study is hosted by Tim Reynolds, address questions to

Prayer Circle - We believe in the power of prayer; We know that corporate prayer unifies our community, and we want to inspire individual prayer. We now have 3 meeting times: 1:30 on Monday, 6:45 on Wednesday, and 1:30 on Thursday! (expect to hang out for about 15 minutes.)

Mission Activities

209 Manna Ministries Food Pantry - Our pantry is open to all VT students during the week and is staffed by Wesley students on Thursday from 4-6:30pm. We would love your help keeping up this ministry! To volunteer contact Emily Stallings ( Sign up here! If you want to learn more about the food pantry or how it's run you can set up a Tuesday afternoon meeting with Emily.

Fun 143 - This is a mission led by Wesley where we hang out with the middle and high school students who live at the local trailer park, Blacksburg Estates. We meet on Monday and Thursday nights and provide the kids with dinner, homework help, and resources such as school supplies and laptops. If you are interested, contact Sarah Clark ( Sign up here! You can also help by providing dinner even if you can't attend tutoring! Go to and use last name: UMC, password F143.

Spring Break - We'll be traveling to Jacksonville, FL - talk to a team member or see Kevin's email to learn more! And sign up !

Upcoming Outreach

Roanoke District Youth Retreat - The weekend of 2/9-11 we will be hosting youth from across the Roanoke District to teach about how to anchor ourselves to God. Look out for a high quality fun time and an opportunity to show off what Wesley is to youth!

The Fusion Retreat at Eagle Eyrie in Lynchburg will take place two weeks later (2/23-25)! Be sure to sign up online or in the lobby.

Weekly Fellowship

Superbowl Party Chili Cook-off - We'll be watching the Superbowl in style at Wesley by eating each other's chili. The winner will receive a TBA prize! See you and your chili at 6:00 on 2/4!

Local church services (Sunday morning)

8:30 am - BUMC edges*

8:30 am - BUMC traditional service**

10:30 Fieldstone UMC***

10:30 am - edges*

11:00 am - BUMC traditional service**

11:00 am - BUMC Intersections**

* contact Hannah Glisson ( to arrange a ride

** <10 min walk from Wesley

***contact Anna Bosco ( to arrange a ride

Join a ministry team - Membership of our discipleship, missions, fellowship, and outreach teams, and our band is open throughout the year! Stop by for a meeting if you're interested in participating in any or all of them:

  • Discipleship: email Rachel Cannon (

  • Missions: email Emily Stallings (

  • Fellowship: email Will Goodwin (

  • Outreach: email Amanda Wagner (

  • Band: Tuesday 7pm, auditorium or contact Thomas Harrison (

Fun Fact: On this day (Sunday) in history Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand) absolves Henry IV at Canossa, Italy, after forcing him to stand three days barefoot in snow. For more Church history you didn't really need to know check out this site:

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