Discernment Update

Hey Everybody! We have finally completed the process of reflection in Discernment. As Alexis and Cassie have talked about before, we talked about what things that worked, didn’t work, and what we can do to improve. The next step of the process was to fill out the roles and responsibilities of each ministry area and then identify spiritual gifts that fit the vision for that specific area.

I’ve gone back through the process briefly because in my opinion, these first two steps are the most important part of discernment. We cannot begin to discern leaders without the structure and vision laid out before us. It would be impossible! That is why I briefly went over what we’ve done so far.

Now it is time to discern our leaders for Wesley in this upcoming cycle. What does that look like? To begin, the process of discerning leaders revolves completely around prayer. It begins with prayer, it ends with prayer, and sometimes it calls for prayer to happen in the middle. How we lift up names is we look at the values and vision for the ministry area and we also look at the spiritual gifts needed for that area. Then someone will lift up a name that they see as a good fit for this area. That person then prays over the person we lifted up, and then talks about why they lifted up that person. Then there is an open discussion about the positives and strengths this person has for the ministry area. Once we do that, we then talk about the “liabilities” this person may have. I know that this seems like a harsh way to discern a leader, but it is necessary. It is important to have this conversation because without it, it makes the next part even harder.

For example, if we see a lot of spiritual gifts for a person, but that person is already the president of another club and also has a part time job that takes up a lot of time, that could be a liability, because being in CMT requires a lot of time, and it would be difficult for them to lead an area while they are already being asked to do so much elsewhere. I mentioned that this conversation would be helpful for the next part, because the next part is where we talk about how people are “set apart” for the ministry in the coming year. It is important to talk about the language used here. We use “set apart” rather than “better than” or “worse than” because that is frankly not true. These people were lifted up because we saw certain gifts in them that fulfilled the need of this ministry. At this point, it is all about the vision. The vision is what allows for people to be set apart. We have to trust in the vision and try and find the person who is most set apart for this vision.

I hope that my explanation was helpful. As Cassie, Carson, Alexis, Sam, Bret, and I go through this process, I ask that you all just pray for our conversation and pray for the community of Wesley as we close out Discernment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone on Discernment team!

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