Wesley Spring Break - The saga begins

Hi! I am Amanda Wagner and I am a sophomore studying Meteorology.

I grew up in the church, so I have been going on mission trips ever since I was eleven years old. I have done an array of tasks in multitudes of places. I have been to New York City, Orlando, Jamaica, Atlanta, Tuskegee, Washington D.C., and more. I have squished rotten potatoes in my hands in ninety-degree heat, I have sat with the homeless on a cold park bench in December, I have played carnival games with intercity kids, and I have helped to rebuild floor joists. Each experience has been incredible and I would do each and every one again if I had the chance.

Since I have may missions under my belt, I have a lot to compare the one we are on now to.

This week, we plan to do a mixture of both construction and relational ministry. This will pull Wesley people out of their own comfort zones to serve others. As far as I know, this will be the first Wesley spring break where there will be multiple days of relational ministry. We will be in ministry with people who come from difficult pasts, have had troubling lives, and are still amazing people. When we are doing home repair – hurricane relief more specifically – we are being the hands and feet of Christ. With both types of ministry, our group will be doing incredible work for God.

That's me playing carnival games in Atlanta three summers ago!

I am looking forward to what this week will bring! I am excited to get to know everyone here a little a better here in Wesley. I also hope to meet people from Jacksonville and learn their stories – about where they have been in their lives and faith journeys. I see potential to grow in my faith during the week ahead; I also see a lot of hard work. Keep this group in your prayers as we embark on this mission.

Enjoy the pictures of my mission trips from high school!

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