You will be Glisson me when I'm gone

Happy Tuesday! My name is Leah Glisson and I am a freshman at Virginia Tech. I felt called to spend my spring break serving with Wesley because in the first semester and a half of college, Wesley has become more than a place that I go to learn about God and grow in my faith. It has become home and is the one place at Virginia Tech that I know that I can go and be supported, encouraged, and loved by so many special people.

I felt God calling me to spend my spring break serving with Wesley and the past two work days have kicked the work week off to an awesome start. They have also been full of firsts for me, first time using a Miter saw, first time using a circular saw, installing laminate flooring, and using a drill that made me feel like I had ALL the power. Today was my second day working on construction and my work site spent the day on a roof, another first for me. We screwed 2-by-4s across the roof to make it level so that we can install metal roofing later this week. Drip drains were screwed in and we used body leverage to sheer off shingles so that rotten sections of the roof could be replaced and vents could be removed. It has been so fulfilling to do God’s work alongside fellow Hokies that value serving others for the sole purpose of doing good for those whose houses may be broken, but whose faith is still strong. Not only did I feel God working though me today, but I have seen God working through each and every Wesley student and site leader that I have worked with the past two days. The power of teamwork and patience have made it possible to accomplish what we need to. We have hit some speed bumps, but have managed to work hard and fail well and overcome those obstacles.

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