Given yourself to others

Hello! My name is Charles Given, and I am a sophomore and first time Wesley Spring-breaker. When considering what I should do for spring break, it didn’t take long for me to decide to spend my week in warm, sunny Florida with the awesome folks from Wesley, taking time to be in ministry with others and doing the good work of God.

We’ve worked hard this week on several construction sites and throughout the Jacksonville area in relational ministry. I have spent the past days fixing holes in roofs, building ramps, sanding drywall (and getting covered in dust), and admiring the very pregnant cat of one of our homeowners. I have had the awesome opportunity of getting to be in ministry with my friends from Wesley and our very kind and gracious homeowners. We have also had the chance to serve the homeless population of Jacksonville in a few different ways. On Monday, a group of us went downtown and handed out hotdog meals to and prayed with homeless men and women, serving with a passionate and dedicated group called Hot Dogs for Hope. On Wednesday evening, all of Wesley went to Swaim Memorial United Methodist Church to eat dinner with those in need of a hot meal and lead worship afterward. It was slightly intimidating at first, meeting all these new people and walking around the streets offering to pray with them. It turned out to be an incredibly meaningful and awesome experience. Having the opportunity to share the love of Christ with others is not only the best way I can spend my break, but has changed me and made my relationship with God much stronger. I met men and women who didn’t have homes to live in, who didn’t know where their next meal was going to come from, who had been rejected by their friends and family, yet were so firm in their belief and trust in God and in seeing his grace and love even in hard circumstances. I can only hope and pray that the interactions I had with these men and women were even slightly as impactful as witnessing their strong faith in Christ was on me.

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