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My name is Bobby Walker and I am a junior at Virginia Tech. This is my third spring break trip with Wesley. For me, the spring break trips give me a chance to be the hands and feet of God, as well as an opportunity to grow in my faith in a way I may not be able to in Blacksburg. Wesley has been an amazing community that I can lean on when times get tough and celebrate with when things are amazing.

Today a group of us went to the City Rescue Mission. The ministry serves and houses the people of Jacksonville who have landed on hard times. This ministry does amazing things on their own. They operate on a $7 million budget that they create without government assistance, all while keeping focus on God. The place offered a chance for people all over to become students and change their life through learning life skills, accountability, and the love of the lord. During our trip to the Rescue we had an opportunity to eat, pray, and worship with the students. While we worked on construction of their gym with them, we met a man name Andre whose son was a Tech basketball player back at the turn of the century. After talking with him we prayed over him, through Andre and the others it was clear that these people were living with hope and love in their hearts. We were also invited to partake in the men’s devotion before they started their work, where we discussed the loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, and in the same way that God loves the church. Every interaction we saw with the students was Christ centered. The students of these programs inspired us with their love of God and willingness to grow despite the falling on hard times.

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