Discernment! What's Happening?!

Hey Wesley!

This is Andy Lowe, I am writing to give you guys a recap of the first couple of discernment team meetings.

In our first meeting we spent the time going over what it means to be on the discernment team. This time included talking about the history of discernment at Wesley, the tasks that need to be accomplished in our time together, and a general timeline about how discernment will go. The second and third meetings we spent using the cliff strengths finder test and our enneagrams to talk about each person’s strengths and weaknesses as a discernment team member. Following these team building discussions we spent a good portion of the fourth meeting discussing the mission of Wesley and what that means in the context of discernment. Understanding Wesley’s Values of love, grace, and spiritual growth is very important when discerning the path for Wesley in the coming year. Our discussion of Wesley’s mission naturally led into a similar discussion on the vision for the different ministry areas of Wesley. After these discussions of the mission and vision of Wesley we then started our discussion of what worked/what didn’t work in each ministry area. It was very important that we had candid discussions of what worked and didn’t work in the past year so that we have proper context for deciding the roles and responsibilities of each minister. We finished our context discussion at the end of the fifth meeting. Moving forward we will be using the context of the last year to discuss the roles and responsibilities and gifts needed of each position that needs to be discerned.

Thank you guys for tuning in to the first of many recaps of discernment team meetings!

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