Discernment...Roles, Responsibilities, and Gifts

In previous weeks the discernment team has been examining our values and evaluating each ministry area for what has has been successful and would could be improved in the upcoming year.

This week we moved into the next phase, focusing on designating the roles/responsibilities and gifts required of the core ministry team and the student campus minister. We first considered our three values of love, grace, and spiritual growth for what would be the best approach to achieve Wesley’s goals. For the past couple years, the spotlight has been on spiritual growth and it has worked great. However, many seniors will be graduating next year which leaves Wesley much younger than normal. As a result, we have decided to adapt an attitude of grace as we prepare for new leadership next year.

For our student campus minister, we expect them to be a leader of leaders, being able to motivate the core ministry team while also being the face of Wesley to the community. Our core ministry team should be united in furthering Wesley’s goals and be involved across all aspects of the community.

We hope to make next year as successful as possible but that means that we need your WIII sheets filled out so that our decisions can be as informed as possible.

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