Berg Mistakes: How to Laugh at your Own Crazy

Hi, I’m Emilie Berger and I am a junior and a half (went on co-op twice, so I am taking a victory lap next year) studying chemical engineering. I have been going on mission trips since high school, mostly focusing on home repair, and this is my third trip with Wesley. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with making someone’s home safer for them to live in long term. This year I am a site leader, and also helping to organize the band each night for worship. Honestly I was incredible worried about leading a site this week. I previously worked for Project SPY in Christiansburg, and helped lead sites as a young adult on ASP, but I haven’t led a site on my own in over a year so I felt like I was going to be too rusty to be successful. The best part of this being a Wesley spring break though is that no matter how “rusty” I feel, this group is here to remind you that, you’ve got this and you just have to remind yourself that you do. Today on our worksite, I knew that if things went south, I had a fantastic team to talk any problem out with, and other site leaders who could help me if I get really truly stuck. The funny thing is though, even when things didn’t go quite as planned, they still worked. I just needed the reminder that sometimes, it’s not about the plan. I heard this message even louder tonight leading worship. I was really worried going into this trip about things being done well when it came to worship music each night because of our usual instrumentalists, we had two coming on this trip, and neither of us played drums or guitar. The two things you think are most necessary for any worship band. So far, things have been going relatively smoothly, but tonight on our last song things went slightly off course. Usually things going off course is really frustrating for me, but tonight all I could do was laugh. No one was upset, no one was mad, it was just a bunch of friends all enjoying being in community and celebrating the end of a day well done, who cares if a couple of notes were missing or if things were off beat. We were happy, and that was all we really needed.

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