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Another day in the life of Wesley Spring Break 2k19 is here! This is Skyler Bauman, a sophomore in Wesley, hopping in to tell you all about the happenings here in Plymouth, NC.

Today, I was assigned to the roof construction site. As a person with a fear of heights, getting on the roof was a huge step up the ladder for me. In all seriousness though, I was quite shaky climbing up the ladder for the first time. After walking around, tearing off shingling, and cleaning for a while, however, I felt so much more comfortable and at ease. That was a huge part of why I wanted to do the roof, because I felt like the whole point of a mission trip is getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits in order to find God in unordinary places. Today I saw Him in my growing courage to climb on the roof and also in the homeowners who not only made us breakfast and lunch, but continue to show us unending kindness and joy.

I also heard many great stories from the other sites. Relational, for example, had an amazing day. From going to shut-ins, a nursing home, and having a homemade dinner with Celebrate Recovery, they had an action packed day with tons to do. The restroom site also had a great day with some substantial progress happening. Finally, the ramp site had an extraordinary day with smooth sailing in building the ramp.

Overall, Wesley has gracefully gotten over any bumps in the road. It was a cool sunny day, birds were chirping, and God was seen in many places. I, just like the rest of the Wesley kids, are so grateful to be here and have worship in such a beautiful church. Plymouth UMC has an amazing sanctuary and singing songs in fellowship there is the closest that I have felt to not only God, but the people in Wesley in while. I pray that as we progress throughout the week, there are more God sightings and a continuation of everyone pushing their limits and getting out of their comfort zones.

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