Discernment 2019-2020

Hey Everyone!! This is Skyler Bauman, a junior at Virginia Tech and a new member of the Wesley Discernment Team. Discernment is something Wesley does every year in order to discern where God is leading us next year in ministry and the leaders who will help us achieve that vision. It is a time filled with meaningful conversations, intentional meetings, and lots of prayer.

This year, our Discernment team consists of some pretty great people. We have freshman Savannah Greene, sophomores Justin Davies and Kevin Cover, myself as a junior, and senior Kaitlyn Gallagher. We also have our Student Campus Minister Emilie Berger and our Campus Minister Bret Gresham. Overall, we as a team are excited to see how this journey will unfold.

At our first meeting, we thought it was important to make a covenant with each other. This covenant is a guideline for how we want to interact with each other at every meeting and outside of that space. Some things included on our covenant list were…

  • Respect for others

  • Be invested in the conversation

  • Be vulnerable

  • Leave distractions aside

These things, among others, will help us to grow as a team and learn more about how each of us operate. We also talked about bible verses that relate to what we are trying to accomplish as a team. These verses helped explain more of the “why” in why Wesley has a Discernment team in the first place.

The verse that I read aloud was Exodus 18: 17-27. This verse talks about how Moses receives council because he cannot do everything alone and the need to discern people for the needs of the community. This reinforced the importance of community building within Discernment and all of Wesley.

Our first meeting ran very smoothly. I personally learned a lot, not only about Discernment, but how intentional Wesley is being in all of our areas of ministry. I can clearly see God working within everyone here to try and build a community of spreading love and spreading light. I pray that as we continue on this Discernment journey, we can discern the best path for Wesley in the coming year.

If you have questions about Discernment Team or have suggestions please feel free to contact one of us on the Team.

Skyler Bauman

Team Member contact information:

Emilie Berger - eberger5@vt.edu

Savannah Greene - savannahpg19@vt.edu

Justin Davies - jmdavies2018@vt.edu

Kevin Cover - kcover5@vt.edu

Skyler Bauman - skylerb@vt.edu

Kaitlyn Gallagher - gkait98@vt.edu

Bret Gresham - wesfound@vt.edu

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