What's Going on in Discernment?

Hello everyone! This is Justin Davies, one of the sophomores on Discernment team this year! I am just writing to give everyone and update on what we did at our last meeting.

The first meeting we set up our covenant and did some team building exercises, and we continued with our team building during this past meeting. Each member shared their top five strengths from the Clifton’s strength finder test. We would tell everyone what our strengths were one at a time, and for each strength we would list a balcony and a basement associated with said strength.

A balcony is something positive that we see in our strength while a basement is something negative that we see in the same strength. For example, my number one strength is deliberative, and I listed a balcony as “being good at making conscious decisions” while a basement I saw was “takes me a long time to make choices”.

During the meeting we also talked more about what it means to be on Discernment and our plan for the future. We also discussed our values that we focus on extending to others in the community. Those being love, grace

and spiritual growth. As a team will discern which of our values we may wish to enforce in our activities in the future.

If you have any questions about Discernment Team, please feel free to contact any of the members.

Justin Davies

Team Member contact information:

Emilie Berger - eberger5@vt.edu

Savannah Greene - savannahpg19@vt.edu

Justin Davies - jmdavies2018@vt.edu

Kevin Cover - kcover5@vt.edu

Skyler Bauman - skylerb@vt.edu

Kaitlyn Gallagher - gkait98@vt.edu

Bret Gresham - wesfound@vt.edu

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