Discernment: Vision and Context

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all have had a wonderful break full of friends and family, good times, and good food! As the semester begins, I hope everyone has had safe travels and is ready to start this new year! On behalf of Discernment Team, I am writing to update you all on our latest meeting that took place virtually, via Zoom, Thursday the 16th! We were very productive this meeting and are happy to report our results!

As always, we began our meeting with glory sightings, which was such a great way to share how we’ve been! Some highlights included doggy play dates, traveling, and time with our family and friends! The first order of business began as we discussed Wesley’s new vision statement! It was very important to us to embody a sustainable and loving future for us, as well as for the community around us to see. Previously, we discussed what we wanted the vision statement to entail, which included an atmosphere of safety and spiritual growth. We also liked the image of a tree, rooted in God, with Wesley being the trunk to support the branches, which we see as students as disciples. Together we discussed what we experience in Wesley now and what we want to visualize for the future. With our combined visions of where we see Wesley in the future, Emilie and Skylar wordsmithed a vision statement, which Discernment Team reviewed, tweaked, and finalized a vision statement we saw fit.

Wesley’s new vision statement is as follows:

To be a grace filled community where all people feel safe and supported in their journey to explore and grow in their faith and their relationships with each other without condition or preconceived notions. We strive to develop and send out all people as peacemakers and disciples in the world rooted in faith and the relationships they build in our community.

We especially found “without condition or preconceived notions” to be essential, as we want our members and potential members to feel their relationship with Wesley is “no strings attached.” People are free to pursue involvement in Wesley within their own comfortability. We are very excited to pursue this vision with Wesley and hope that the surrounding community will see it reflected in our ministry.

Discernment Team was also very successful in our goal to define what worked and what didn’t work in Wesley this past year. We looked at all corners of Wesley, from an overall standpoint and to each committee to highlight what was most successful and to touch on what may need some work. We developed substantial lists that will be very important in the planning of future Wesley, and we are so excited to see the improvements and continuations in events and activities that will come!

We are making great strides in our work and aim to be wrapped up before Spring Break! We thank you for your patience and are so grateful for any input you may have. Please don’t forget to fill out your Wiii sheets; they are very important to our progress!

I hope you all have had a wonderful break and a great start to the semester! I can’t wait to see you all!

Thank you,

Savannah Greene

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