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Hey friends! I hope everyone is settling into the Spring semester well :) Here’s a little update on what Discernment Team has been working on since being back in Blacksburg:

Over the last two meetings, Discernment Team has been defining the roles and responsibilities (R/R) for the overall Core Ministry Team (CMT), the Student Campus Minister (SCM), and for the five ministry areas. Using our notes detailing the context and what worked/what didn’t of the ministry areas and Wesley overall, we were able to make a big stride in finishing this step.

The roles and responsibilities we define and discern are the essential duties of the ministers, and include things like participating in and leading meetings, be open to the community, and lead the community spiritually. When discerning these R/R for CMT and the individual ministers, we also consider what spiritual gifts are needed to live them out. We’ve named gifts such as spiritual maturity and dedication, and we added or named different gifts according to the R/R of each specific ministry area.

These roles are for the ministry teams as well, and also include “stars.” A star is a specific and vital role for that specific ministry area (for example, a star for Fellowship would be Family Dinner), and each minister will take on the responsibility of a star and later discern members of their team to be other stars.

When we start our meetings, we always review what we’ve already accomplished, and we pray and read into our covenant. It’s our goal to keep God’s vision for Wesley at the center of what we’re doing, and this helps to stay on track during our time together. This is especially important now because with the R/R ready to go, and the spiritual gifts prayed over, we will soon begin lifting up names for the new CMT!! It’s a really exciting time, filled with prayer and deliberation.

Thank you all for filling out the Wiii sheets and for everything y’all do to make our community so wonderful!

Peace n’ blessings,

K galla the young

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