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Wesley at Virginia Tech

Love Out Loud!

Wesley is a grace filled community where all people feel safe and supported in their journey to explore and grow in their faith and their relationships with each other without condition or preconceived notions. We strive to develop and send out all people as peacemakers and disciples in the world rooted in faith and the relationships they build in our community.

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Reconciling Ministry

A Reconciling Ministries Statement

Wesley at Virginia Tech believes that all people are created in the Divine’s image, and are therefore integral to our community. We are called to be a grace filled community where all can explore their faith without condition or preconceived notion. We affirm, support, and celebrate all of God’s children, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, age, nationality, physical ability, neurodiversity, socioeconomic status, external affiliations, or any other personal identifier(s). We commit ourselves to fostering a community filled with acts of inclusive love, outspoken care, and intentional hospitality, to be in ministry with all, and serve in the name of Christ, who taught us to love unconditionally.

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