"Intentional Faith Development in Community"


We believe that following Jesus is central to a life of faith.  Christian faith is about being rooted and grounded in a loving relationship with God revealed especially in the person of Jesus.  This faith is a journey where we are called to grow in our love for God, ourselves, and others.  This journey is at times challenging, at times joyous, at times stagnant, but it is most of all in community.  It is about relationships - with God and each other!  We understand discipleship to be costly because when we decide to embark on this journey and follow Jesus, we are called to take up our cross.  We understand that wherever you are in journey of faith, it is OK!  Faith is not something that has some people "behind" and others "ahead"...it is different for each person.  The main thing is that we are intentional about our faith development.  At Wesley we do this through Bible Study, Prayer, Communities of Grace, and healthy Dialogue!




Prayer Circle

We believe that prayer is a vital component to a life of faith.  We meet during the week (see calendar) for about 20 minutes to pray over each other, Wesley, the Tech community and beyond.  We want to intentionally devote time each week to learn about prayer and our unique, intimate relationship with God. We hope you will join us for this time of spiritual nourishment. 

Communities of Grace

Our Communities of Grace (CoGs) are the way we seek to live in Christian community through a smaller group setting. A COG is an intentional gathering, meeting regularly for the purpose of joining God's mission. Each semester we have several COG leaders that offer different topics and explore different areas of faith. 


We offer our CoG's at various times throughout the week!

You can fill out a form to participate in a CoG here.


If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about our small group ministry, you can contact our discipleship minister, Matthew Shealy  (matthewshealy@vt.edu).