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Family Dinner

Family Dinner is a Wesley tradition! Every Sunday evening, Wesley students gather together for free dinner, provided by a local church or the Fellowship Team. Family Dinner is a great opportunity to visit Wesley, hang out with friends, and eat great food in a great community.




Wesley participates in a variety of intramural sports at Virginia Tech. You can play anything from softball to inner-tube water polo with us! 


Zoom Events

Fellowship Team has found creative ways to make gatherings safe and COVID-19 protocol friendly using Zoom! Some popular zoom and virtual events include Netflix Parties and Among Us game nights.


Holiday Parties

Every year, Fellowship hosts holiday parties to bring together our community and celebrate the season. Some community favorites include the Halloween costume contest and Thanksgiving Dinner. 

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Lobby Fellowship

Pre-worship fellowship in Wesley's downstairs lobby is an integral part of our community. Our lobby time gives students a chance to check in with each other and get to know people, making sure all students, current and new, feel like they belong. 

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