"Sharing and Inviting Students to Engage in the Ministries of Wesley"

We desire to invite other students to Wesley so that they can be a part of our ministries.

We do this by loving out loud and providing an open, welcoming community to everyone.

We believe there is a place in Wesley for everyone where they can express themselves and follow their passion. 








Welcome Week

The first week of school is Open House Week. During this time and the days leading up to it, we put on multiple welcome events, which range from cookouts to delivering swag bags to Life-Sized Game Night on the Prairie Quad.   



Each year, the university holds Gobblerfest on the drillfield. Wesley is among the student organizations that set up a table at this event. We use this opportunity to let students know that we're here and to invite them to try out Wesley.


Other Events

Throughout the year, we put on various other events to spread the word about Wesley. We have lots of different events, but they all have the core purpose of inviting others to engage with Wesley.