Core Ministry Team

At Wesley we believe EVERYONE is a minister!  This team seeks to enable all of Wesley's ministers 

to fully live into the ways God is calling them to be in ministry at Wesley.

Student Campus Minister

Emilie is a chemical engineering student graduating in 2020, and spends most of her time trying to figure out what the heck her professors are actually talking about. She just finished a co-op working at Hidden Valley Ranch and loves to interpret lot codes on Ranch bottles to show her friends which ones she helped make. If you want to get Emilie talking ask her about her Instant Pot or what she's currently watching on Netflix to procrastinate studying. Overall she just really loves to say hi so make sure you wave when you see her around town! 

Discipleship Minister

Charles is a senior majoring in Agricultural Economics. He loves being outside among his fellow trees, none of which ever ask him how tall he is or if he plays basketball (so don't ask either). After Jesus, his best friend is his dog, whom he spends several hours chasing whenever she gets out of the yard. He loves talking about God and faith and is excited to grow spiritually with everyone in Wesley!

Outreach Minister

Andy is a Junior majoring in Chemical Engineering...meaning he is really smart!  So much so that he won a lifetime achievement award...twice!  Andy likes to take long walks on the beach so that he can save as many people and marine animals as possible.  Once, when sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut! He is so amazing that his pillow stays cool on both sides.

Fellowship Minister

Johnathan is maybe the most confusing person in the world!  He once won a staring contest with his own reflection.  When he is not doing his homework, he is playing Club Penguin (which means he is playing all day)!  He is such an amazing person that roses stop to smell him!  His claim to fame is that he won the World Series of Poker...using UNO cards!

Missions Minister

Caroline is a rising Junior majoring in History with plans to pursue secondary education. You might hear her ripping a joke or pun around the building; it might be cheesy, but puns are her gatest way to bring laughter to the Wesley community. If you see Caroline, be sure to ask her about ways students can “Love out Loud” through missions opportunities, or simply start a pun-off.  This is picture of me by a volcano. I lava it.

Worship Minister

Kaitlyn is a senior majoring in Biochem and Spanish. She never knows what to do with her hands in pictures and references vines in almost every social interaction. You can find her probably anywhere on campus that has a couch to plop down on, and loves talking to people about anything and everything (her #3 strength is individualization), especially Wesley and how to get plugged in!

209 West Roanoke Street

Blacksburg, VA 24060



If you have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to contact us.


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