Core Ministry Team

At Wesley we believe EVERYONE is a minister!  This team seeks to enable all of Wesley's ministers 

to fully live into the ways God is calling them to be in ministry at Wesley.

Student Campus Minister

Abigail is a Senior in Human, Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise.  She is so incredible that sharks have a week dedicated to her!  Abigail once made a weeping willow laugh.  She loves running and once ran a marathon just because it was "on the way."  Her goal in life is to be a scuba diving pizza delivery girl!

Discipleship Minister

Matthew is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering.  He once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels!  When he is out enjoying a long hike...the mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect.  He can translate the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew texts in scripture to English while reading aloud.  He desperately wants to be a fortune cookie writer when he graduates VT.

Outreach Minister

Andy is a Senior majoring in Chemical Engineering...meaning he is really smart!  So much so that he won a lifetime achievement award...twice!  Andy likes to take long walks on the beach so that he can save as many people and marine animals as possible.  Once, when sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut! He is so amazing that his pillow stays cool on both sides.

Fellowship Minister

Johnathan is maybe the most confusing person in the world!  He once won a staring contest with his own reflection.  When he is not doing his homework, he is playing Club Penguin (which means he is playing all day)!  He is such an amazing person that roses stop to smell him!  His claim to fame is that he won the World Series of Poker...using UNO cards!

Missions Minister

Lydia is a Junior majoring in Human, Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise!  She is so awesome that she doesn't just drink one cup of coffee at a time...she drinks from two different mugs at the same time! She loves to swim and is so good she can do a backstroke butterfly.  Lydia's dream is to be a professional sleeper.

Emily Anne.jpg
Worship Minister

Emily is a Junior majoring in Animal and Poultry Sciences.  When she isn't taking care of baby goats (how awesome is that!?), you can find Emily practicing her limbo roller skating! She enjoys hanging with friends and she once won a staring contest with her own reflection. She performs feats such as freeing an angry bear from a painful-looking bear trap while brushing its teeth.