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Core Ministry Team

Here at Wesley, we are a team based ministry who thrives on student leadership and fostering a community of growth. One of the ways that we foster leadership growth is through our Core Ministry Team (CMT). This team is made up of each minister for every ministry area, and is lead by our Student Campus Minister and Campus Minister.


Avery Rhem

Student Campus Minister

Our student campus minister plays a supporting role for the campus minister and core ministry team by helping out and checking in when needed.


Hello! My name is Avery Rhem and I am the Student Campus Minister. I am a Junior in the Mining Engineering department with a minor in Geoscience. My goal is to get a masters degree in Space Resources and eventually work for NASA. My favorite part about Wesley is the community and all the amazing people here! While not at Wesley I can be found doing homework while drinking tea, or hanging out with friends having fun. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me over email or whenever you see me to chat or study together!

Riley Kaufman

Discipleship Minister

Hello! My name is Riley Kaufman and I am so excited to be the Discipleship Minister this year! I am a Junior majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Advertising. My favorite thing about Wesley is the authentic community I have found by joining CoGs, attending our fun events, and just hanging out in the building! If I’m not at Wesely, you can probably find me drinking coffee, working in my design studio, or admiring the beautiful mountains and Blacksburg skies.

Learn more about our Discipleship Ministry here.


Savannah Greene

Missions Minister

Hi! My name is Savannah Greene, and I am the Missions Minister. I am in the class of 2023 and majoring in Humanities for Public Service and minoring in Business, with the goal of becoming a Physician Associate. My favorite things about Wesley are worship nights and our volunteering opportunities, especially Fun143! I love house plants, desserts, the Hahn Garden, colorful note-taking, and coffee or tea dates! Always feel free to reach out for a chat or a study buddy!

Learn more about our Missions Ministry here.


Andrew Mudd

Outreach Minister

Hey all! My name is Andrew Mudd, and I am the Outreach Minister this year. I am a fourth year Landscape Architecture major, and I've been involved in Wesley since my freshman year! I am also the leader of the Freshman Affinity COG. Outside of Wesley, catch me in the Burchard Hall studio, at work at West End Market, or exploring throughout Blacksburg. I truly love meeting new people and connecting with the community, and I am quite excited for what this year has in store!

Learn more about our Outreach Ministry here.

Ethan Shaw

Worship Minister

Hello! My name is Ethan Shaw, and I am the Worship Minister this year! I'm a Computer Engineering student, class of 2024. My goal after graduation is to work in software development! My favorite part of Wesley is the amazing community of people! You can often find me hanging out or doing homework in the building between classes.

Learn more about our Worship Ministry here.


Jacob Ivey

Fellowship Minister

Heyo, I am Jacob Ivey and this year's Fellowship Minister! I am studying Chemical Engineering and hopefully graduating in the spring of 2023. I love to play volleyball on the court behind our building and I have enjoyed playing intramural sports alongside some of my Wesley friends! In my small amount of spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, enjoying my guilty pleasures of Minecraft and Pokémon Go, or hanging out with friends while Crafting or Going. Feel free to reach out or yell into the basement if you need anything.

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