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This Week in Wesley

Monday: Fun 143 - 6:00 Bible Study - 7:00 Tuesday: Bible Study - 2:00 Singers - 7:00 Wednesday: Foundations - 7:30 Thursday: Fun 143 - 6:00 Sunday: For rides to the following churches, meet at Wesley Edges - 9:45 Fieldstone - 10:00 BUMC traditional & contemporary - 10:45 Family Dinner - 5:30 (there may be a special guest...)

Thanks so much to all that helped with the Richmond District youth retreat this weekend! You all did an amazing job!



Information and Discernment sheets are due on Sunday to Bret! These sheets will be used all though out next year, so please fill one out if you'll be around! Talk to Lauren or Bret if you have any questions.

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